• Breakfasts

    Overnight Oats

    Overnight Oats! This has been a life-changer for us. We absolutely love them. Ceth leaves early for school and I’m usually stumbling out of bed with the kids so it’s nice…

  • Chicken Dinners

    Chicken Broccoli Casserole

    Hello friends! Okay, so I graduated last week with my Bachelor’s degree so I am ready to get back into this! This is great news for you readers because A) You…

  • Chicken Dinners

    Salsa Chicken

      Hey guys, first post since the new website design. I absolutely love it and I feel like I’m kind of professional, right? Sorry for the inconsistency. Life is just crazy…

  • Breads Dinners

    Bread Bowls

    Bread bowls! One of my very favorite comfort foods for rainy and cold days. I’ve tried out a lot of different bread bowl recipes but when I saw that Sally’s Baking…

  • Breakfasts Lunch

    Brunch Salad

    How is everyone’s 2018 going? Still going strong on your healthy goals? But keeping it balanced with some treats now and then, right? I have a new found love for salads.…

  • Dinners Sausage

    Sausage Quinoa & Rice

    Happy new year everyone! I have so many goals- just like everyone else but I’m really excited for them. I am going to re-do my website with the help of family…

  • Chicken Dinners

    Oriental Salad

    Hey guys! Sorry for the slower movement of posts. That’s just going to be how it is with me feeling like I’m ready to pop with the twins and when they…