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Hawaiian Mango Chicken Sandwiches

Crockpots! Yay! Yay for mom recipes! AKA recipes that will only take 10 minutes and under. This one hits me right in the nostalgic part of me because I made this when my husband and I were dating. I saw the marinade in the store last week and my mind did a flashback to me using this in the crockpot with chicken. So I had to get it for old time’s sake and it smelled not only delicious but of good memories. *heart warms*


Calvin’s “thing” is to point at everything. It cracks me up. In almost every picture you will see a little pointer finger exploring.


It was my birthday last week and my husband got me the most thoughtful presents. He got me a pasta maker, ravioli cut out, and the Gordon Ramsay cook book! Needless to say, I am excited. I have been having so much fun! If you don’t have a pasta maker you need one! It is seriously so fun and so good. Even though I’ve been having a jolly good time making these fancy recipes and homemade pasta, the weekend had passed and I needed a realistic recipe for the weekdays. I love this one because of how yum it is and how easy and quick it takes


Hawaiian Mango Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

Yields: 10-12 sandwiches

  • Masterpiece Spicy Hawaiian Mango marinade, as pictured above
  • 7-8 chicken breasts
  • 2 bell peppers
  • buns
  • 2 TBSP cornstarch mixed in enough cold water to make a slurry
  1. Get out that crockpot! Put your chicken in, frozen or thawed, and pour your marinade over. Put on high for 4 hours or low for 6-8.
  2. I put my bell peppers in the same time as the chicken. This will shred them up as well because they will be cooked into it. If you’d rather them be more distinguished, put them in the last two hours.
  3. At the last 30-45 minutes put your cornstarch slurry in. Stir chicken and it should fall apart with a little help. The last 45 minutes will get the juice in the shredded chicken and the sauce will thicken.
  4. Toast your buns or broil them so they are crispy and serve.



After my chicken was done I put it on a cookie sheet and broiled it for a few minutes to create “burnt ends” and dry it up a little. I could have done more cornstarch or left the lid off the last hour to dry it up as well but I really like how the broiler creates crunchy parts. It’s a preference thing. We had leftover chicken so tomorrow I plan to use it for tacos ’cause who doesn’t love tacos?


Until the next time my fellow foodies!


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