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The Southern Belly


I almost feel intimidated to write this blog post because I don’t know how to convey my love for this food! If you know me, I’m passionate about my food. Alot more than the typical person.

We first went to this restaurant as luncheon for my in-laws wedding. It’s not what you would usually pick for a wedding luncheon because it is a real casual place. Like it’s a bar and has tables around it and cute outdoor tables as well. It’s small too. I thought the place was adorable, of course, but I did not know the happiness that was to come…


Don’t mind if I do… Oh, and don’t forget to take some of these fortune cookies on your way out!



I am in no way affiliated with this restaurant at all. Two weeks ago I just brought in my camera and told them this was my absolute, most favorite restaurant and asked if I could take pictures and blog about it. They said it was fine, so here I am!


We go here every time we go to the LDS temple since it is an hour in a half away from us. (In Columbia) This gives us A LOT of motivation to go to the temple more. 🙂

Even the menus have that southern charm to them. I have to admit, I’ve only ever ordered one thing: the King Kahuna. It is a Luau BBQ  topped with pineapple , grilled Maui onions, cheddar, applewood bacon, served on a buttered french roll ( I like to switch it out for their texas toast), with Yum Yum BBQ sauce. I switch out the sauce to try a new one everytime. It is AMAZING. Seriously.

I don’t know how they get their meat that tender and flavorful. But they do. You will always get a bag of chips and coleslaw on the side as well. While coleslaw and chips just aren’t my thang, you know I’m still happy.


But I have tasted their grilled cheese, Wookie, Traditional, and Southern Belly Dipper from my husband and family’s orders. All delicious. Almost equally but, I mean, it’s called the King Kahuna for a reason probably…


If you’ve been keeping up on my blog you’ll notice that I’ve only ever posted recipes. Mostly recipes that are good for moms like myself- quick, easy, and delicious. You’ll have also noticed that I think I talked about this in one of my old blog posts ( I can’t find the one!) almost 8 months ago I believe back when I was in Idaho and couldn’t reach the Southern Belly in sweet, Columbia, South Carolina. I’ve waited this long.


Great. It’s midnight and now I’m craving this like crazy.


Eleanor and Calvin liked it too. The waiters/waitresses are more than kind and helped us get Calvin one of their highchairs. Kid friendly to boot.


Don’t worry. I finished it.


I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the outside but Calvin was fussin’ to go home. Just close your eyes and try to imagine that to the right of it are more tables under their with just as much charm as inside.


I’ve never been to the other Southern Belly near it but I’m sure it’s just as good. This one is located at 819 Harden Streeth, Columbia, SC 29205.

The King Kahuna is $10.50 with all of the other sandwiches on the menu a relative price. Seriously, that’s it. For as good as this is and how much it fills you up, they could probably triple the price and I wouldn’t be phased. (Please don’t read this and up your price…)

If you are ever in the area, I strongly, strongly recommend my very favorite restaurant, The Southern Belly.

-Marinn (Ceth & Calvin are in on this one too!)





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