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Bagel Sandwiches

Growing up my sister, Kamber, who you’ve all heard about if you’ve read my blog posts and who loves bread and gummy worms more than anyone in the world, inspires my food posts sometimes. She makes great recipes. This isn’t a recipe per se but I just remember growing up and she would always make a ham and cheese sandwich with dijon mustard on a toasted cheddar bagel. It was sooo good and through this pregnancy, I’ve been craving it. I need to find myself the cheddar bagels we used to have but I just can’t find them.

This isn’t that, but it is a simple dinner that I love that was inspired by the Kam Bagel Sandwich. As you can see, on this bagel sandwich I went all out with even grilled chicken on it. I don’t usually do that but hey, I want to show you all of your options. Usually, I would just pick three or four of these ingredients and call it good. Actually, with this many ingredients it wasn’t as good as the simple three or four ingredient bagel sandwich. So, pick wisely.

I know you guys don’t exactly need a recipe for this and honestly, I just wanted to document this dinner so I can have it in my food journal so I can remember I can always make this for dinner. Hope this sparks ideas for you too for easy dinner ideas.


My favorite, you ask? Breakfast sandwiches with fried eggs, cheese, ham, and mayo on a toasted bagel. But, hey, you do you. Oh, and avocado. But that’s a given.



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