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Sausage Quinoa & Rice

Happy new year everyone!

I have so many goals- just like everyone else but I’m really excited for them. I am going to re-do my website with the help of family and really work on this blog. Thank you all for being patient while my website is under construction. If you have trouble finding a recipe just message me on instagram and I will help you out!

For awhile I started getting down on it because I kept comparing it to my favorite, successful food bloggers. I think I had to just remember why I’m doing this and that I’m doing this for fun, and everyone was a beginner at some point, right?

As to why I’m doing this: I had stopped blogging my dinners because I felt they weren’t fancy enough or my pictures weren’t what I exactly wanted. I started to remember why I was doing this though- this is my food journal! I don’t want fancy recipes! I want simple, mom recipes I can make in a half hour for my family. If you are looking for gourmet recipes- this isn’t it. But I do post yummy ideas for family meal time and that’s why I wanted it. Now that I have my foundation back- I am so happy to continue one of my favorite hobbies.

As to consistency- it might not happen at first. I’m still in school and I have a toddler and twin 4 months olds. I am also trying to give my website a make-over. I’m making it happen though! It’s so nice to have a creative outlet.

To kick off this new year I’m posting one of the most simple dinners I make pretty often- sausage quinoa & rice.


No, this isn’t the most beautiful meal. No, it’s not the best picture either but I am just going to keep doing my thing. BUT this is a favorite of ours. We use Jimmy Dean ground maple sausage that gives it great flavor. I love that I’ll have this in my records so when I don’t know what to make I can go through my dinner menu and see this on here.


We buy this box you can (kind-of) see in the background of the picture called Seeds of Change from Sam’s Club and it is THE BEST.  It’s packaged quinoa and brown rice- seasoned- ready to eat in two minutes. Brown the sausage, put in other seasonings, Worcestershire sauce, spinach, the quinoa, cheese and you’re good to go with some asparagus on the side.

How’s that for a quick, easy, healthy, yummy meal to start the new year of 2018 off?

Sausage Quinoa & Rice

  • 1/2 lb ground sausage
  • 1 packet of Quinoa & Brown Rice (We get it in bulk from Sam’s Club)
  • handful of spinach leaves
  • 2 TBSP Worcestershire sauce
  • Parmesan to sprinkle over
  1. Brown your sausage. Add the Quinoa package to the skillet and follow the instructions for it on the back.
  2. Add your Worcestershire sauce and spinach leaves. Cook till Quinoa is warmed through and spinach leaves are wilted.
  3. Sprinkle Parmesan over and serve with vegetables on the side.



Happy New Year everyone! Can’t wait to share more recipes with you and for this wonderful year to start.


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    January 16, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    I write my blog as a ‘journal’ for myself as well. I so relate to this post! Also, this is such a perfect meal. Healthy, filling, and easy to put together. I’d love to hear more about your process for updating your site as I’m at the beginning stages of doing that as well. Thanks!! -Deb

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