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Bread bowls!

One of my very favorite comfort foods for rainy and cold days. I’ve tried out a lot of different bread bowl recipes but when I saw that Sally’s Baking Addiction had a recipe I definitely wanted to try hers out because, honestly, I trust everything that girl does.

What I love about these is everyone has their own personalized bowl- so it’s pretty cute. I think Ceth likes it for different reasons but I think it’s pretty fun. 🙂 I love when he can come home from a long, cold day at work and see that I made bread bowls with a yummy soup to warm him up.

For all those wondering- Ceth got into PA school and we are moving to Charleston in May! We are so excited for this adventure. It will be a fun two years! I am so proud and excited for him. I love to give personal updates about our lives but I am considering a different page for personal blog posts since I have so many personal updates and I take a million cute photos of my kids and can’t post them all here. Thoughts?


The twins, Ty and Waylon are doing great too! Calvin is a great big brother and I finally feel like we have got things down and life is in order again. Routine is a great thing, right?


Not going to lie, this is not Calvin’s best photo. I kept trying to take pictures of the bread bowls but he wanted to dig in so I just let him have it. I can’t deny him when he was trying to be so patient but just couldn’t!

You can find the Recipe here at Sally’s Baking Addiction.

This is one of our staples during the cold months. Hopefully you can try it out too before it turns into Spring.


Happy bread bowl making!


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