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White Pesto Lasagna

White Pesto Spinach Lasagna


Okay, I have a couple new things to tell you guys.

If you’ve been following for awhile I’m sure you’ll be be surprised to know that I have gone vegetarian. It’s surprising because a lot of my dinners have meat in them but if you personally know me then you know I like to take the meat out of a lot of the dinners when serving myself. Ceth was skeptical that he would like having 90% meatless meals. He didn’t think he could be “full”. He has been very surprised though how much he has loved our dinners!

I’d like toalso apologize for the silence from me- I’ve been really trying to work on a lot and this blog has been one of them. Finding balance and finding how to blog about bread while not eating the entire loaf before taking pictures is really hard, guys. Lasagna, too. Basically, everything. I’m not joking- I seriously do not photograph half the dinners I want to because I want to eat it first or the sunlight’s gone by the time I have finished dinner. I’ve got to start planning ahead and maybe start exercising a little bit of willpower. Maybe.. but seriously. I am making it a goal to just slow down enough to snap a picture, lol.

Lastly, I have realized how much I really love looking at other people’s food blogs. I love trying new recipes. I love to make my own stuff too but I decided I want to include the recipes I try and love- a recipe review, of sorts. I want to show some love to the recipes and bloggers I use and share awesome recipes with you all. I’m not going to not include a good meal from you guys just because I didn’t come up with it on my own. This blog is all about finding dinner ideas. I’m not going to exclude those that aren’t from “my creation”! I’m a really inclusive foodie. A true foodie. Except for seafood… so sorry. Anyways, I love food. Always have, always will. K, I’ll stop before Ceth gets jealous of my relationship with food again.

If you’ve read through this then you are a true friend. My thoughts can be disorganized and long sometimes so I appreciate the loyalty! Can’t wait to get back in touch with you all and start a new approach to this all with more meatless meals, more veggie-friendly recipes, and more love to fellow food bloggers.

White Pesto Spinach Lasagna Recipe Here

Okay, now to talk about this recipe. This is from my very favorite food blogger Half Baked Harvest. I make one of her recipes at least once a week. They are always guaranteed to be good. I made this white pesto spinach lasagna and it was loved by all and made fantastic leftovers. I’m linking the recipe straight to her page here because I didn’t mess with the recipe at all! (Besides using fresh spinach instead of frozen. I believe I accidentally got mozzarella instead of fontina, as well.) If I mess with a recipe and make it my own I will usually repost it with my changes on my page as wellas a link back to them but hers didn’t need any tweeking.

What I love about this lasagna is that you don’t have too cook the lasagna noodles- clean and fast- and it’s a new taste to my recipe wheelhouse that I don’t usually have. I don’t have a lot of pesto or mushrooms in my weekly dinners so it was nice for a change-up. Fantastic flavor.

Give this one a try for something new! It’s good for this transition weather from Winter to Spring. Kinda cold. Kinda not. It’s kinda good all the time. Have fun with a dinner this week by changing something up or by trying a new recipe.


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