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    Basic Quiche

    Hey guys! This is your basic quiche. Nothing fancy- are any of my recipes? This is to remind you of SUCH an easy, yummy, and kid friendly meal to add to…

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    Sausage Quinoa & Rice

    Happy new year everyone! I have so many goals- just like everyone else but I’m really excited for them. I am going to re-do my website with the help of family…

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    Uncle Ben’s Chowder

    This is a take off from my most favorite cookbook-Yum, by my family 🙂 Everyone has a family cookbook, right? Well, ours is the best. This Uncle Ben’s rice soup idea…

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    Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

    I know that everyone probably has thanksgiving recipes being bombarded on them throughout their social media and I probably should have thought about doing a Thanksgiving recipe, but I didnt. I’m…

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    Sausage and Vegetable pan

    Hey all! Even though I’m beat tired and want to just sleep, I really want to blog. It’s my therapy and it feels good to stick to a goal. I couldn’t…