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    Basic Quiche

    Hey guys! This is your basic quiche. Nothing fancy- are any of my recipes? This is to remind you of SUCH an easy, yummy, and kid friendly meal to add to…

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    Apple Muffins

    Hey everyone! It has been the most perfect week. My mom and boo stayed and got to visit us here in South Carolina. Surprisingly I only cooked for her once- we…

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    Stuffed French Toast

      This breakfast always brings me warm and happy feelings. It’s the breakfast my mom always made for us on birthdays. It’s french bread ripped up into a 9 x 13…

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    Apple Cider Syrup

    This week ceth and I joined my mother in law on a ketogenic diet. We lasted one day (yes, one day) before she kicked us off for being too fussy. Worst…