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    Basic Quiche

    Hey guys! This is your basic quiche. Nothing fancy- are any of my recipes? This is to remind you of SUCH an easy, yummy, and kid friendly meal to add to…

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    Homemade Pizza

      Well guys, I finally found the recipe for homemade pizza dough. It’s only taken me years of trying a different recipe every week because I never found one that was…

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    Hickory Lasagna Roll-ups

      For some reason I am SO EXCITED to write this post. I have found so much joy in making my little food journal! It’s getting bad because I’m starting to…

  • Ground Beef

    Sloppy Joe Sandwiches

    This week I have been CRAVING sloppy joes. I looked up a few recipes on Pinterest but most of them had Manwich- a can of sloppy joe filling. For some reason…