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    Homemade Rolls

      Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! We had a “friendsgiving” this Sunday with some wonderful friends here in Charleston. I made rolls, pie, and devoured everyone else’s delicious sweet potatoes (My personal…

  • Dinners

    Homemade Pizza

      Well guys, I finally found the recipe for homemade pizza dough. It’s only taken me years of trying a different recipe every week because I never found one that was…

  • Breads

    Coconut Crusted Banana Bread

      The most devastating thing has just happened. I’ve developed an allergy to bananas. I love bananas too! It’s not a horrible reaction but my mouth feels like there’s a thousand…

  • Chicken Dinners

    Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie

    Happy Valentines Day! Well, it was Valentines day when I made this. This is Ceth’s absolute favorite meal so he requested it be made for his valentines day present. If you…

  • Ground Beef

    Hickory Lasagna Roll-ups

      For some reason I am SO EXCITED to write this post. I have found so much joy in making my little food journal! It’s getting bad because I’m starting to…

  • Breads

    Cornmeal Rolls

    My first blog post! (How’s it look, mom?!) While this is my first blog post, this is not my first time making these rolls! My mother taught me how to make…